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The GED® test is made up of the following types of questions

  • Multiple choice

  • Drag and drop

  • Hot spot (select an area)

  • Fill in the blank

  • Short answer

  • Extended response

Want to practice on sample questions?

Social Studies

70 minutes

TI-30XS calculator allowed

15% Geography

15% Economics

20% US History

50% Civics& Government


90 minutes

2 short answer questions

(approximately 10 minutes per question to write)

TI030XS calculator allowed

20% Earth & Space

40% Physical Science

40% Life Science

Mathematical Reasoning

115 minutes

2 parts with a break

1st part - no calculator allowed

2nd part- formulas & calculator guide provided &      

TI-30XS calculator allowed

55% Algebraic

45% Quantitiative

Reasoning Through Language Arts

150 minutes (includes 10 minute break)

1 essay - 45 minutes to write

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